Class 11 Examination Started Schools in Baitadi

Class 11 Examination Started Schools in Baitadi

In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, the examination of class 11 has also started in Baitadi following the standards of health safety. Class 11 examinations have been started in various schools after the National Examination Board (NEB) asked them to conduct the examinations at the convenience of the schools. The school has started conducting the examination after the decision of the National Examination Board to conduct the class 11 examination on the basis of internal evaluation.

The examination has been started by adopting health safety precautions to avoid the risk of coronavirus, said Parmananda Joshi, principal of Setigaun Secondary School, Kakarpakha. He said, "We have started the examination by adopting the criteria of health safety vigilance while maintaining social distance." The students who arrived at the school to take the examination have been admitted to the examination hall after completing all the procedures of health and safety.

The school has stated that it has started class 11 examination as per the annual examination operation, management, evaluation, publication of results, and verification procedure 2077 BS. Students of 59 schools in Baitadi are preparing for the exam. Ram Chandra Bhatta, the technical assistant of the Education Development and Coordination Unit, said that the examination has already started in some schools and some schools are preparing for the examination.

The National Examination Board (NEB) has instructed all the schools to complete the Class 11 examination by November 27. There are 3,655 class 11 examinees in Baitadi, according to the unit.

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