Class 12 Model Questions Paper of All Subjects

Class 12 Model Questions Paper of All Subjects

Class 12 Model Questions Paper of All Subjects:

National Examination Board (NEB), Examination Controller office published the class 12 model's question paper of all subjects. please download the pdf file of model questions of grade 12 as per your selection. This model question (Sample Question) will be implemented for the examination which will be conducted from Mangsir 9 to Mangsir 16.

Grade 12 Model Question paper of these Subjects: Compulsory English, Compulsory Nepali, Compulsory Nepali II, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, Geography, Business Mathematics, Civil Law and Justice, Physics, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Optional English, Optional Nepali, Mass Communication and Journalism, Population Education or Studies, Principal of Accounting II, Contemporary Society, Co-operative Management, Data Communication and Computer Network, Elements of Finance-II, Environment Education, General Law, Hotel Management, Linguistics, Marketing, Primary Education, Procedural Law, Repair and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment, Rural Development, Rural Economics, Social Studies, Sociology, Structural Analysis, and RCC Design, Sustainable Integrated Nutrient and Pest Management, Teaching Science, Teaching Social Studies, Teaching Health, Child Development and Learning, Psychology, History, Political Science, Culture, Painting, Environmental Sciences and Travel and Tourism.

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