Tribhuvan University to Conducted Bachelor and Master Level Exams After Mangsir 15

Tribhuvan University to Conducted Bachelor and Master Level Exams After Mangsir 15

Tribhuvan University to Conducted Bachelor and Master Level Exams After Mangsir 15:

Tribhuvan University (TU) is going to conduct the postponed examination immediately after the festival. The university has informed that the bachelor's and master's level examinations which were postponed last Chaitra month due to coronavirus (Covid-19) will be conducted immediately after Tihar & Chhat.

Registrar of Tribhuvan University Prof. Peshal Dahal informed that a notice would be issued before Tihar and the examination would be conducted after Tihar.

The university plans to give priority to students studying at the final level or semester out of the postponed ones. In this process, the examination of the students of the fourth year of Bachelor level or the final semester of the Master level has been given first priority. The university has given priority to the final level students so that the academic session of the students can be put to good use.

The university is scheduled to conduct the postponed undergraduate and postgraduate examinations after Mangsir 15. Students are being given two weeks to conduct the examination. The dean's office of the university has been given the authority to conduct the examination of the students studying in the semester. The dean's office has not announced the schedule for the exams in Mangsir. The Dean's Office will now be able to conduct examinations independently of students studying in the semester.

Meanwhile, the university is going to conduct the examination of the students studying according to the annual examination system from the end of Mangsir. Registrar Dahal informed that the university is making necessary preparations and homework to conduct the examination. As thousands of students study in the annual examination system in humanities, education, and management, the examinations of those students are scheduled to take place in a few weeks. The university will inform the students about this soon.

Exam in physical presence:

The university has stated that its first priority is to test students in physical presence. Although Eastern University, Lumbini Buddhist University, and other universities conduct undergraduate and postgraduate examinations online, TU, which is under pressure from many students in higher education, plans to conduct examinations in physical presence.

Registrar Dahal said that they are ready to take the exam physically for the students but in case the corona infection is on the rise, alternatives can be considered. He informed that the university has provided the facility to the students who can come to Kathmandu to take the exam here and the students who cannot come to Kathmandu can also take the exam from the centers outside Kathmandu.

Students are allowed to choose the examination center to make it easier for them to participate in the examination. Due to a large number of students, it took some time to decide on the exam, but now the exam will be conducted smoothly.

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